Thursday, October 4, 2007

it is what it seems to be

Okay, so I haven't been around for awhile. It is so easy for me to write when things are spiralling desperately out of control. Now though they seem to have settled into a sort of rhythm. Things are much better. Much better is an understatement. So a brief bullet point of exciting things then off to work.

  • Katy, Dan and Jackson are here in FL, I'll see them Saturday. Holy cow I am so excited.

  • The show is in a week and a half, I feel really not ready. Next week is going to suck majorly because I'll be supper stressed out!

  • Astronomy makes my brain hurt.

  • Ben lost his job :(

  • Ben gets to get a new job :)

  • Ben has had an interview already and has another lined up today :)!!!!

  • I'm supper excited about how things have turned around!

So there you have the brief version.

I'll try again later.

Pamela Joyce