Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I'm Hiding

I'm in a kind of funk lately. I was looking forward to being on the go at 100 MPH again. Now, not looking like that is going to be happening. For the time being I have to figure out how to not be looking at the end of my five year plan and wishing it was tomorrow. Is it cliche to say that my biggest problem right now is not having a problem? Sure life isn't perfect but I don't feel like I have a tangible goal at the moment. It's kind of suffocating to not where I'm going. I've always had a direction. I feel directionless, like I'm wandering with only a vague idea of the end of the road.

I wonder daily if my life will always feel so incomplete. I'm bored, but not sure what to do. I should be de-cluttering, in preparation for moving, but there is no fun in that.

I've been feeling itchy to do something crafty. I don't know what to do though. Part of me would really like to tackle my office/craft room. Getting that organized and de-cluttered could be really good for me.

I need a major to-do list. The problem is that every time I make the list I only accomplish half of the the objectives and then I lose interest. I'm going to need to buckle down and finish if I have any hope of being organised enough to move directly after a week away from home.

So, while I have a short term goal, this whole moving thing, I feel like I'm without any real sense of what to accomplish in the next year or so.