Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It's Hard to Do

Growing up is hard, I suppose that no one ever said it was easy but I'm just saying now that it's hard. I guess I felt like I did well. I mean of course I'm still growing up but still, looking back I thought I had done well. I thought that I had really not seen a very hard time and that things had been pretty breezy for me. Now granted I haven't had horrible things happen to me and many people have it much worse. I just realized as I was dispensing advice to my little sister the other day that I had had it pretty rough at times. I suffered through a move at a crucial time in my life. I made it through, for the better I am sure. I was made fun of and picked on because I was an outsider. I moved along with a close group of friends on the outskirts of drama until a huge blow up my Junior year that rocked my friendships to the core and never really settled back in right. I gave up everything I knew to jaunt across the southeast to go to college, where I lived with a particularly lovely roommate my first year only to be led to my best roommate experience ever. Things never stop going this way. They always ebb and flow. There is always a down side and then a light at the end of the tunnel. Sure things that I listed may seem trivial to some people but to me it was hard to get through those times. Everyone has their own perceptions of who someone is. No one who is not me will ever know the pain and trauma that I suffered personally. Sure, it's not as great as someone elses trauma, but I'm sure I've trudge through a fair amount of crap in the middle of my field. So to end this lovely little rant about how hard I've had it, I just want to say...things will get better, they always do. Ebb and flow, up and down, life happens and sometime you have to ride the wave to get back to the piece and serenity of the beach.