Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And the days grow longer

Wearily I write to you now from the desk of my lovely sister. I am pissed because today was supposed to be something special and awesome and it turned into crap in an instant. Ah well, we can't always win. The show sucks, okay it doesn't really and amazingly enough things went rather smoothly tonight. Bugs to work out but there always will be. I need to clean my ears but Penny doesn't own q-tips. I'll have to get them in the shop in the morning.

Off to Gainsville in the morning. That could be loads of fun. I can't even type right any more and this is taking way to long, so I'm off to bed. Much fun and love.

Happy Anniversary to Me

Happy Birthday to Ben



P.S. I hist spell check and it gives me Yaws as a valid word instead of yays. That seems stupid. what is yaws anyway. Off to bed.


Katy said...

You're crazy!!!