Friday, February 13, 2009


Maybe it's just me. Maybe, I'm seeing some misrepresented portion of the media. I really hope that's the case but, I fear that it's not. I'd like to say here that I'm an independent. I'm not registered to either party and I don't care to be. What I can't seem to wrap my head around is how last fall Republicans were chomping at the bit to spend nearly a trillion dollars on big banks that greedily got in over their heads and pulled the rest of us down with them, but now aren't the least bit interested in spending money to help the average American become employed and less dependent on environmentally unfriendly energy sources. Really! John McCain was reported to have said that this bill is to big yet, he is the one who pushed for big spending for banks that got the money but have yet to do anything with it to help unfreeze the credit markets, instead just adding it to the balance sheet and letting it sit. I'm so tired of the sore loser mentality of the republican party. Get over yourselves already!!!!

One more thing. Obama isn't racist, at least not in the way some people are claiming. I know several people that have been affected by the snow and ice storms in KY and they are screaming that no one is acting to help them. Some of them keep blaming Obama and saying that he doesn't want to help the white republicans who didn't vote for him. Let's get something straight here. Stop comparing your ice storm to Hurricane Katrina. Yeah you were without power and yeah some people have suffered damage to their homes. But the number of people who died is significantly lower. Yes, you have been touched by a natural disaster and you should be getting some relief. If you're not, get off your loud, lousy complaining butt and contact the people that can help you. The local government, your senator or representative. Stop complaining on facebook that the country, by overwhelming (compared to the past 2 elections) majority, elected a racist black guy who could care less about you poor suffering white republicans who didn't vote for him. People like you are part of the problem with racism today not part of the solution.
p.s. Those who were most majorly affected in Hurricane Katrina were not white. They pulled the race card on Bush and you jumped to his defense saying that wasn't the case. So, let's use that same logic here. Perhaps there are other issues at play here.

I'm not exactly a fan of yet another HUGE spending package. But, if the government can bail out Wall Street and their greed they can surely spend an equal amount trying to make jobs and improve the lives of it's average citizen. Who knows what's actually in the bill, where the money will actually go or if it will actually help. But I have to pray that something will make a difference and we can start to dig out of the mess that we are in.