Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Freezing!

So I'm a few days behind on Radvent. There are a couple of entries that I wrote in my physical journal. A love letter to myself and an entry about forgiveness. The next two entries are a playlist from the year and going on an adventure. Sadly I didn't have time for an adventure today but I think I can squeeze one in tomorrow. And I'm working on a playlist. I'm not sure how to get one up here and what exactly I want to put on it. I have a few ideas.

In the mean time it's is freezing cold here. My fingers are turning blue and I think I'll have to break down and turn the heat up because otherwise I might not be able to get to sleep. I'm almost finished with a project that just keeps hanging around and I'll be glad when it's done! Maybe I'll even post some pictures.

Also working on Christmas. I keep making the same list over and over and then realizing I already made that list. It's like part of my brain is just not functioning. Maybe it's the cold. Hopefully I'll be able to get a little bit accomplished when I go on my adventure tomorrow. Oh and it's Matthew's birthday on Thursday...maybe a gift is in that adventure too!

I'm going to go try to get warm. Maybe with some coffee or a down blanket and flannel pjs.